Saturday, January 17, 2015

ice flowers

Located in a warehouse two hours northwest of Tokyo, the spectacular exhibition consists of 16 frozen floral arrangements displayed in rows throughout the space. Stems, petals, and leaves are distorted through the thick layers of ice, giving each bouquet a new appearance. Although the blooms initially shine with color and vitality, that beauty will gradually fade as the blocks of ice melt, leaving behind withered flowers and puddles of water.

Source:  Makoto Azuma

Monday, December 29, 2014

psychedelic and spontaneous

"Chicago-based artist Bruce Riley uses resin and paint to create vibrant, abstract shapes that blossom organically across large-scale panels. Pools of resin form the base of his striking creations, while drips and broad strokes of paint are layered endlessly in mesmerizing patterns that catch the light in interesting ways. Psychedelic and spontaneous, the paintings can grow to resemble anything from dreamlike visions to cellular, microscopic landscapes."

Source:  My Modern Met