Thursday, June 23, 2011


While it's easy to proclaim our love for big metropolitan cities like New YorkTokyoParisHong Kong, or Los Angeles, ask anyone and they'll say that it's difficult to have that same sort of lovin' feeling for Detroit.

"Whatever you read about will always find the words ghost city, bankrupt, dangerous, crimes and so on...I made a stop there while I was on a road trip to check if people dramatize the whole thing or if the future of Detroit is really that horrible. When I arrived I was kinda shocked cause everything I heard was true."

Despite the sad reality, there are some people (like my roommate!) who can peel away the destruction and find the beauty that still exists in this city.

Source:  MyModernMet


  1. So sad to see a city go to this extreme. But you are right in that there lies beauty if one can find it!

  2. i live in the detoit area, although the city is having troubles it's still a great place to be. i love living here.

  3. These photographs are beautiful! I adore the rustic grunge feel. Great post!

  4. these photos are beautiful - so exposing

  5. that post is fabulous, like the pics and i would like to see it once live...

    xx Claudia