Tuesday, September 20, 2011

photorealistic street art

Using oil, acrylic, and gouache, artist Jessica Hess recreates street art in such precise detail that you almost can't believe you're looking at paintings. Armed with her camera, she takes pictures all over the city, snapping graffiti laden walls and decrepit surfaces. Her paintings bring to light they physical decay of man-made buildings or nature reclaiming its structures.  "These locations are really all I notice in a city. I am not your typical tourist. I go right to the worst neighborhoods and industrial wastelands on the outskirts of town."

Source:  My Modern Met


  1. great post!!!! ♥
    xxxo from Argentina

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  2. I love graffiti art...I once did a project on it for my Art History class...and believe it or not graffiti is so not an easy process...
    people should appreciate it more!

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    xo kait

  3. This is an awesome post, I love seeking out and photographing graffiti as well!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide