Wednesday, October 26, 2011

dandelion ceiling

"A dandelion never stays the same for too long - that's part of its beauty. One moment it is yellow and the next it is a puffy vision in white. Before you know it, it's only a stem waiting for its seeds to continue nature's cycle.  But what if you could stop it from changing and growing? What if you kept it in one form, as if stopping time? Regine Ramseier, a German artist, had such an idea. She carefully picked 2,000 dandelions in their cloud-like form and sprayed a gentle adhesive on them, as if it treating them with water from the fountain of youth. The dandelions were then transferred by car to a little white room where they were hung."

Source:  My Modern Met via Colossal


  1. So pretty and whimsical. I love the idea of finding a way to tranform something that is fleeting and delicate, to something that is long lasting.

  2. wow this is so cool.
    totally perfect for a little fairy to live!

    Kait xo