Friday, March 22, 2013

a google chrome story: julie dean

Cambridge-satchel-compositeGoogle Chrome commercials tend to open up the floodgates while proving the power of the web — just look at It Gets BetterDear Sophie and Jess Time (and let's not forget the chill-inducingGaga and Bieber ads). But one Google Chrome advertisement that aired in the UK and Ireland opted instead to inspire, by telling the tale of a successful small business that sells satchels. This is her story, which is proof that the web is indeed what you make of it.

Julie Deane founded Cambridge Satchel Company in her kitchen in 2008, with her mom at her side. "It’s one of those business that was started out of necessity because I needed to make school fees for my daughter, who was being bullied at school," says Deane. "I made a promise to her that I would move her to a place that she could be really safe and happy. Once you make a promise to your children, there’s no going back."

"I couldn’t believe how frequently people would be checking these fashion blogs!" Deane says. Whenever a customer mentioned a go-to fashion blog, Deane sent the blogger an email, telling them about Cambridge Satchels and sending a photo, in hopes of a shout-out. She would tell them, "I can't send you free samples — maybe in a year's time if it goes well, you can have one, but in the meantime, here’s a photograph!"

Over the years, Deane aggressively worked with fashion bloggers and prominent fashionistassponsoring giveaways and gifting satchels, which yielded organic buzz. Cambridge Satchel built strong relationships with these bloggers — even asking them what color satchels the company should make next — and these relationships enabled the brand to skirt traditional advertising. Fully embraced as a fashion obsession, Cambridge Satchels grew thanks to social media and word of mouth, especially via blogs.
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